Ukraine – Russia war: latest news live | Zelenski affirms that the counteroffensive will end up accelerating “like last autumn”

Kyiv assaults an essential scaffold connecting Crimea with the remainder of the country with rockets | Russian-forced lead representatives on the involved landmass and Kherson territory have said street harm has constrained traffic cuts.

Damage caused by a missile on the Chonhar bridge, which connects Crimea with southern Ukraine, this Thursday.

The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelensky, called attention to in a meeting distributed this Thursday by the Ukrainian assistance of the English channel BBC that he “surveys emphatically” the ongoing counteroffensive., yet has perceived that “it is difficult” on the grounds that there are “certain hardships”. “The previous fall, we made proper counter moves and it appeared as though we were gaining slow headway. Be that as it may, at one point, everybody could perceive how things began to move quicker. A similar will occur here “, she brought up. Ukraine has gone after with rockets this Thursday the Chongar span, an essential step that interfaces the Crimean promontory, wrongfully added by Russia in 2014, with the remainder of the country. The lead representatives forced by Russia in the Crimea and in the region of Kherson have perceived that the traffic has come to be cut. The land passage that Moscow possesses on the shores of the Azov Ocean through the urban communities of Melitopol, Berdiansk and Mariupol is fundamental for the strategies of the attack.






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